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Halls of Fame of My Book House (My Book House, #12) Olive Beaupré Miller

Halls of Fame of My Book House (My Book House, #12)

Olive Beaupré Miller

Published 1937
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 About the Book 

Olive Kennon Beaupré was born in Aurora, IL on September 11, 1883. She received her B.A. from Smith College in 1904 and returned to Aurora to work as an English teacher for two years. Olive and Harry Edward Miller were married October 2, 1907.Olive began writing rhymes and stories to entertain her daughter Virginia, and was encouraged by Harry to publish some of her writings. In 1919 Olive founded The Bookhouse for Children publishing company with Harry. Olive assumed the title of Editor and published all of her subsequent material either solely through The Bookhouse or through other publishing companies in conjunction with The Bookhouse.Olive published the first volume of the My Bookhouse series in 1920 and set to work on the next five volumes. My Bookhouse became the first collection of childrens literature which was graded to meet the developing needs and abilities of children at different ages.Olive began publishing the nine volume series A Picturesque Tale of Progress in 1929. In 1934 Olive revised My Bookhouse, expanding the series from six volumes to twelve.When Olive and Harry were divorced in May 1935, he resigned his position as President of The Book House. In addition to being Editor, Olive was elected Vice-President by the Board of Directors, who hoped that this post would keep her from pursuing a more managerial role in the company. Olive achieved the position of Chairman of the Board in 1939 and held it until 1954.The Book House for Children was sold to United Educators in 1954. Olive remained Chairman of the Board in an advisory capacity until she retired in 1962. She moved to Tucson, AZ where she lived with her daughter Virginia (Miller) Read and family until her death on March 25, 1968.