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Hope 22 BethAnn Buehler

Hope 22

BethAnn Buehler

Published November 1st 2013
Kindle Edition
147 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In the aftermath of losing his wife and unborn son, professional quarterback Brody Jackson turns to his faith, making a vow to live a life that will honor those hes lost. Yet on a field of endeavor where outrageous antics get a player noticed and if it feels good, do it often seems to be the maxim, walking the straight and narrow path can be a hard thing for a guy to do.Whitney Ryan is in the mother of all slumps, struggling to watch as her player ranking dips into double digits. With three weeks to go until shes slated for her next tournament, Whitney would rather be anywhere than on the tennis court and under her mothers constant glare. When Whitney decides to run away from her responsibilities, her resolve is firm-she doesnt need anyone getting in her way, especially a know-it-all with problems of his own.When two household names holding widely varying views on how to live life in the spotlight and measure success are thrown together, is there any hope they can call a time out and find middle ground?