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4 Life Shelly Leanne Sharp

4 Life

Shelly Leanne Sharp

Published May 22nd 2012
ISBN : 9781469162355
140 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Life behind bars isn’t a picnic for David Taylor. David had alwaysbeen a good kid who helped his mother take care of his brothersbecause of the accident that had left her a widow. He wasfabulous at sports and had a very good chance of going pro in footballor basketball. David had a wonderful girlfriend who would do anythingin the world for him and had actually found true love in high school.Sometimes even the best of kids end up getting mixed up with thewrong crowd. David meets Luke Hardy, Alan Roberts, and the other4 Life members. Now all David can do is think of the mistake that hemade that brought him to prison. Will David ever be able to forgivehimself for what he did or will one mistake haunt him forever?